Gardening Eden

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About May 25, 2009

a606534746_2307452_2011009Green living for eco-curious Christians

New book explores intersection between faith and environmentalism

PORTLAND – Separate the recycling. Take the canvas bag to the grocery store. Visit the farmers’ market. It seems like green habits aren’t just for hippies and tree huggers these days – they’ve quickly become mainstream, affecting the way each of us conducts our daily activities. In fact, if you haven’t “gone green,” you
may be experiencing a bit of “green guilt.” This is especially true for members of the faith community: while conservative evangelicals have historically deemed environmentalism a liberal issue, many Christians today are recognizing creation-care as part of God’s calling – and wondering if they should get involved.


In his new release, Gardening Eden: How Creation Care will Change Your Faith, Your Life, and Our World (March 2009 | WaterBrook Press | $13.99 | Paperback | 978-0-307-44600-8), Michael Abbaté invites both eco-conscious and eco-curious readers to experience the powerful spiritual rewards of a greener lifestyle. A nationally recognized expert in green development strategies, Abbaté knows that environmentalism is much more than a passing fad.

“This is the current state of our planet. The air, ocean, land, and fresh water resources given to us by the Creator are suffering. The garden is in decline,” says Abbaté. “There are pragmatic reasons to be concerned, economic reasons to alter our course, and spiritual reasons to consider a new way of living. But within the
community of faith, where is the concern, the sense of urgency?”

Gardening Eden gives the faith community a call to action: Save God’s Earth. Inside, Abbaté shares the spiritual benefits of a greener lifestyle, the biblical foundations of being stewards of the earth, and easy tips for green
living at home, work, and church.

“Conservation is a conservative issue,” says Abbaté. “And if you’re a Christian, it really doesn’t matter what your political stripe is – God put us here to care for his garden. Some in the faith community believe that this planet is like a giant bank account of natural resources that God gave us access to. It is here for our use and
enjoyment. But the earth isn’t a trust-fund, it’s a limited checking account. And we’ve got to make investments in the natural world to keep it healthy and thriving.”

In an interview, Abbaté is able to discuss:
-Why conservation is a conservative issue
-How eco-curious Christians can get involved in creation care
-Why more churches are encouraging congregants to be environmental stewards
-Tips for a greener lifestyle, from farmers’ markets to energy conservation
-Eco-politics: How liberals and conservatives are coming together to till our common ground
-Eco-activism: How saving the planet also saves people
-How to go green, guilt-free

Michael Abbaté is a co-founder of award-winning landscape architecture design firm GreenWorks, and lectures nationally on sustainable design and resource conservation through planning and design.  Abbaté’s work has
been featured in national magazines such as Metropolis and Landscape Architecture. He and his wife, Vicki, have two adult daughters and live near Portland, Ore. For more information, please visit


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