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Gingerbread Lessons November 28, 2009

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My daughter, Brooke, is in Sunriver, Ore. this weekend with her in-laws.  Last night, she went to see the gingerbread houses entered into a contest at the Sunriver lodge.  One gingerbread house stood out among the rest.  It was made by a school class in the local area.  Complete with a worm farm, recycling center, organic farm and hydraulic dam, it was a sight to see.  

What are the lessons we teach our children?  Do we embrace creation care or teach them selfish living?

Brooke told me once of a woman she worked closely with who shamelessly declared. “I buy water bottles at Costco all the time.  And, I don’t recycle plastic bottles.  I don’t care.  It’s too much work.”

Do you think her children recycle?

I don’t think kids need to be obsessed with the demise of the world or the ozone layer.  But, we can pass on some sustainable lessons to our children.  As a result, they probably will appreciate the world they live in just  a little bit more.  And, they may just learn to live a little less selfish than their parents.



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