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Frenzy of Black Friday November 27, 2009

Filed under: No Waste November — Michael Abbate @ 11:57 am

My family’s tradition is the Fred Meyer Sock Sale.  And, you can’t just get up whenever you please and mosey over to the nearest Freddie’s.  Nope.  We’re there when the place opens–5AM.  And, for what? Socks.

You’ve never seen such frenzied people, hustling from one sock bin to another.  It’s hilarious…and a little stressful.  That’s why we do it.

But, this year, I got to thinking about how quickly we make decisions in this sort of environment. Some of the fancy Chrismas socks, come on little plastic hangers.  Packs of socks come in plastic bags.  How can you possibly think about packaging when you’re moving at the speed of sound?

It, at least, got me thinking.  If we slowed down, just a little, how much wiser would we be?

We’re off to purchase our Christmas tree.  I’ll tell you tomorrow about why it’s extra special this year!


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