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Consume My Waste November 25, 2009

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As we strive to reduce our own waste, Vicki and I are always on the lookout for products that are made from recycled waste products.  It’s not enough to be someone who recycles – we must also become consumers of those products that are produced from our recycled materials.

Some things happen automatically.  Cereal boxes, for example, usually are made from a high percentage of recycled (“post consumer”) paper.  But what about other items – how can you find recycled alternatives to normal everyday items?  There are several good sources that you can check online.

First, try the Recycled Products Cooperative. They have a great selection of paper products, office supplies, pens and calendars.  I have been a fan of their amazing recycled cardboard binders for many years.

A great source for environmentally-friendly home products of many kinds is Green Home. They have an incredible range of products, from recycled toothbrushes to lawn chairs, shopping totes to clothing.  They even have a whole section of compostable products.  This is one of my favorite sources; go to their site and type “recycled” into the search bar – you’ll have 326 items to choose from!

A fun site that offers jewelry and a wide variety of accessories is Eco-Artware.   They offer a wide selection of fun items, all made from something else.  I’m particularly fond of the Vintage Typewriter Key cuff links!  Check it out:

If you have a personal favorite recycled product or source, please pass it on to me.  In the meantime, go out there and consume my waste!

Gardening Eden: How Creation Care Will Change Your Faith, Your Life and Our World, by Michael Abbaté, published by WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, 2009.  ISBN  978-0-30744-499-8.   For more info:


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