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Local Chow Down November 20, 2009

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I moved to Portland, Oregon about 23 years ago from Southern California.  What drew me was the beauty of the city, the abundance of green life and the size of this little town.  Back then, the restaurant choices were good, but it wasn’t the foodie hub that it is now.  As the area has grown and developed, I’ve fallen more and more in love with this place I call home.  For those of you living in other corners of the country, or the world, here’s a recent blog post on some of what the Portland-metro area has to offer:

Now, many of you don’t live in the Portland area, and you may never even visit.  But, many of the principles I’m going to talk about can be applied any where.  Living green can be a lot of work.  There’s so much to think about.  But, it all pays off in the area of food.  Trying different varieties of vegetables you never knew existed, eating a locally grown apple that melts as you devour it.  Our Creator designed food for us…why not enjoy it to its fullest?

Portland is an epicenter of restaurants with sustainable practices that serve the best of the local cuisine.  And, this is true of everything from fast food to fancy fare.

Take Burgerville, for instance.  It’s the Northwest’s burger joint. Everything they serve is local and seasonal (although not always healthy…who wants a healthy french fry anyway?).  And, their garbage receptacles reflect their philosophies with separate places to put your plastic lid, your paper cup and your uneaten morsels.

Now, as for pizza, you cannot go wrong with Hot Lips.  They use local farmers for everything they put in pizza from wheat to cheese.  And, they’ve received countless awards for their sustainability.  They even deliver pizza in a Hot Lips Smart Car.  Besides all this, it’s quite tasty.

For a nice night out on the town, Vicki and I love exploring all the foodie joints that the Portland-metro area has to offer.  From Wildwood ( to Lauro Kitchen (, from Bluehour ( to Saucebox (, Portland has so much to offer.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that the research has been done for us for many restaurants.  The Chinook Book offers coupons and special deals for local, sustainable businesses, including restaurants.  And EcoMetro offers these same sorts of deals for other cities, too: Denver, CO; East Bay, CA; Seattle, WA; Santa Cruz, CA; Twin Cities.  For only $20, it’s well worth the benefit.

And, it’s a nice break from the packaging nightmares of cooking at home…

Where should I take Vicki tonight?


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